Three new projects!

We picked up two new Josei series today! 4 volumes, 16 chapters for both series! First one will be weekly release and second will be irregular release.

Watashi no Tadashii Onii-chan (Morie Satoshi)

Legal x Love (Takeko Yasu)

EDIT: And we revealed another! This is a staff favourite. Ongoing, 3 volumes. We’re aiming for speedy releases for this as we love the series!

Honnou Switch (Kujira)

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Future Plans

We will be doing weekly releases for the following series.

Secret Project #1 (ongoing, josei slice of life romcom w. smut)
Secret Project #2 (completed, josei romcom fluff)
Secret Project #3 (completed, josei mystery psychological)
Renai Gokko Serenade (ongoing, josei romcom w. smut)
Saikawa Fusai no Renai Jijou (ongoing, josei slice of life w. explicit smut)
Marika-chan to Yasashii Koi no Dorei (ongoing, josei psychological w smut)

All three secret projects will be revealed this upcoming week.

Our other series will be irregular releases (most likely faster than weekly or in between weekly to biweekly)

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting us as always!

♡ Mayu & CCS staff

Blushing boys, the manga.

A new project that’s basically been the root of our group since the start. This was the first series we had decided to work on but we didn’t post anything until now!

Hatsukoi ni Kiss, an 8-chapter oneshot collection by Fujimomo, the author of Lovesick Ellie. This is her very first manga published!

At the moment, we do not have a schedule set for releases on this one as it is a CCS experiment and typesetter test where each chapter will have a different CCS staff typeset it instead of just me (Mayuka).