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CCS is looking for new and enthusiastic staff to help speed up our releases!

How do I apply?
Join our Discord server.

If you would like to apply for multiple positions, let us know!

☆ Japanese Translators

  • Translation experience preferred
  • Ability to read Kanji with minimal help
  • Strong proficiency in Japanese

☆ Japanese Proofreaders

  • Experience required
  • Must know both Japanese and English at a high level
  • Willing to dedicate time in at least one chapter per week

☆ Redrawers

  • Experience required
  • Must use Photoshop or any program that can export to PSD

☆ Typesetters

  • Experience required
  • Must be fluent in English
  • Must use Photoshop
  • Willing to dedicate time in at least one chapter per week

For redrawers: You must either show previous work in PSD format that demonstrates your skills to the fullest capacity OR take a test we have created if we feel your portfolio is not sufficient enough.

For typesetters: You must provide original PSDs of your previous typesetting work.

For all positions: If you want to help a specific series, please state that in your application. We will see if that particular series has spots free! We are a very open group and only want the best experience for you!