Honnou Switch
Renai Gokko Sayokyoku
Saikawa Couple and their Love Conditions
Only for You
The Blue Flowers and The Ceramic Forest
Pawnshop: Shinobu’s Jewel Box
My Righteous Older Brother
Do You Still Remember Me?
Unrequited Love Bookstore
Heartbroken Chocolatier
Legal x Love
Only Just Married
Chijou no Seppun
Totsuzen desu ga, Konya Sarai ni Ikimasu
That Beautiful (Man) is “Loose”
Mitsunaga Ougo is Trying to Control Himself


Totsuzen desu ga, Kyou Ai ni Kite
Say Thank You
Karen Ichijou Tempts Him


Marika-chan and her Gentle Love Slave
Reason: Undisclosed.
How to Make Your Cool Husband Fall in Love
Reason: It’s licensed now.