Q. Can we re-translate your work into another language?

A. For formality, please visit our Discord and contact any of the admins in case another group has already asked us. We may even provide our raws depending on the series!
Before asking, check here if the series is claimed.

Q. Can we do a joint?

A. Right now, we have no interest in any. Thanks for asking though!

Q. Do you work on licensed manga?

A. No, we do not. We will drop any series if they are licensed. Our main goal is to scanlate manga that will never get an official translation.

Q. Do you take requests on what to scanlate?

A. We take suggestions, yes! However, we have our own backlog for projects so if you do suggest something, don’t expect it to be released any time soon.

We will not touch any series that another group has done in the last three months nor an English licensed series. Please check on BakaUpdates before you ask.

You can join our Discord and become a raw provider. They have to be high quality and have to be owned by you. This will increase the likelihood of us picking up a series.

Q. When is the next release of (insert manga name)?

A. You can go on our Discord and ask. We can give you a live update on our status.

Q. Are you recruiting new members?

A. Yup! Please check out the recruitment page for more details.