Blog update

Hi! Mayu here. Going to be less active with this blog as I think it’s a bit counter productive to update this.

We hit 1000+ users in our Discord server! ♥

In the future, any new projects and updates will be on our Discord. Releases as always will be on Mangadex. Our Discord also has exclusive PDF releases and licensed manga summaries (if there are any).

This website will serve mostly as a catalogue for our projects so you can quickly see them on the projects section.

Please join our Discord if you’d like to stay updated with our team and make friends and chat about anything.

Jewelry and elite husbands.

Two new series for today:

Nanatsuya: Shinobu no Housekibako (Ninomiya Tomoko)

A dead project has been picked up! No one has picked it up since 2016. I hope people will enjoy this as this is a project I have been trying to start for years now. It’s currently very popular in japan and I’m surprised no EN scan groups have ever touched it. We’re aiming for biweekly or monthly release – will entirely depend if I have more translators helping as its VERY hard to translate.

Cool na Fuu wo Koi ni Otosu Houhou (Aoi Itoshi/Tachibana Yuzuha)

We got pretend lovers… now it’s pretend married couple?! GO READ!!