New projects as usual

Tonari no Otona-kun (Rukana)

A new Shoujo project, this is an ongoing 2020 manga~ We picked it up because we did Tsumugi-chan by the same mangaka!

Shitsuren Chocolatier (Mizushiro Setona)

Another dead project revived! This is a josei manga I’ve worked on in the past and recent. The author is pretty well known for multiple famous titles!

3 thoughts on “New projects as usual

  1. Tonari no otana-kun is just awesome
    I hope to read more of it in the future
    Thank you so much for translating it !!!

  2. I love Tsumugi chan so I checked other mangas from the same author and saw Tonari no otana-kun. Really interesting story. Thank you for picking up this project 💕

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